Leveraging new technologies to deliver frictionless solutions to the Australian Financial Services Industry

Regulatory Technology

The financial services industry has been subject to an ever increasing amount of regulation. Australian regulators' demands for more and more accurate information puts pressure on people, processes and (legacy) systems. Leveraging Regulatory Technology ("RegTech") solutions can alleviate much of the burden. Our team has over a decade of experience implementing regulatory technology in Australia, Europe and Asia. Get in touch to learn how we can help.

Business Intelligence

Providing all levels of the organisation with the relevant information in the best format at the right time is critical. Yet many organizations are still stuck with sub-optimal reporting processes across disparate systems using not fit-for-purpose tools. There are many cost-effective reporting solutions available that allow for stunning visual reporting and data analytics, on all data sets available in the organisation. Contact us to discover how your organisation can gain better insights through BI quickly.

Artificial Intelligence

AI or Artificial Intelligence is creating a buzz in many industries. At RegCentric however we prefer to use the term "Augmented Intelligence", using advances in computer science to assist people in being more effective and making better decisions. Looking beyond the hype, we believe the current AI technology can provide deep insights into all your business processes and data, from the front office to the back office. When done right, AI can increase engagement with customers, employees and regulators. Contact us to discuss how AI may help your organization.

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