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Economic Impact and Trends in RFCs

Register here to watch the webinar recording on demand.

During this insightful webinar, we have thoroughly explored two significant aspects that influence the RFCs industry: The Economic Impact and the prevailing Trends.

This session was a closed invitation to RFC (Financial Corporations) entities that loan money and report financial statistics to APRA.


Thomas Verlaet, Founder and Principal Consultant, from RegCentric.

Geoff Rooney, Partner, Financial Services, Audit & Assurance from BDO in Australia.

Fiona Narielwalla, Partner, Audit & Assurance from BDO in Australia.

Economic Impact and Trends in RFCs

Agenda of the Webinar on 28 June 2023

  • Australia’s economic outlook and how it impacts non-bank lenders and financiers

  • Regulatory priorities for RFC’s

  • IFRS9 Post Covid (AASB9 incl. credit risk monitoring and ECL production)


  • Reflect on your organisations' internal tactical approaches to continue to advance strategic, robust processes, and outcomes for your internal and external reporting framework

A recording of the webinar is available on demand and will be of particular interest to stakeholders who are involved with:

  • hold accountability over data disclosure to APRA & ASIC

  • prepare or support the preparation of statutory and/or regulatory disclosures

  • provide technical data to finance teams

  • in charge of the budgeting for process design, remediation/maintaining regulatory data

Watch the recording here

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