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Data Governance - CPG 235

CPG 235 Data Risk Management acts as a guide for Australian banks to adopt a holistic approach towards Data Governance. In this video we cover the 7 key aspects of APRA's Prudential Practice Guide.

About Us

RegCentric is a consulting company, specialised in transformation in Regulatory Reporting, Finance and Risk in the Australian financial services industry. The RegCentric team consists of highly experienced specialists, who are passionate about assisting Australian financial services organisations leverage technology to ensure regulatory compliance whilst driving operational efficiencies. We differentiate ourselves by combining deep domain expertise in APRA regulation with technical know-how and a hands-on approach. Watch this about us video to learn more about us.

Data Lineage

Data Lineage not only improves compliance processes, but when done well, provides enterprise value as it helps building trust in your data. In this video we explore how organisations can derive the most value from their Data Lineage Program.