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Throwing Caps

Training Services

We deliver standard and bespoke training packages across the following areas:

- Data Governance and Data Literacy

- APRA prudential framework and standards

- APRA Reporting


To capture the value of data, organisations need to find alignment between all stakeholders who produce, move and use data. Organisational or divisional silo's, or simply lack of engagement by one of the stakeholder groups can derail a Data Governance uplift initiative.


Our Data Governance Practice lead delivers a tailored training to capture the attention of all stakeholder groups in your organisation and create an aligned vision for the use of data to deliver business benefits.

Please contact us to learn more 

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The APRA prudential framework and APRA reporting framework holds no secrets for our team.


We deliver tailored training programs for ADI's, Superannuation and Insurance companies. These trainings will be tailored to cater to the specific needs of the audience. 

We provide programs to:

- Boards and senior Executives who need to get a top down view of the regulatory landscape or of a particular requirement and how it affects their accountability.

- Senior Managers who need to understand how the regulatory requirements affect their business or their roles.

- Staff members who need to understand the details of specific regulatory obligations.

Please contact us to learn more. 

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