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Digital Disruption. Disruptive business

Digital Disruption: Data Opportunities and Challenges

Digital disruption is a fundamental shift in how people manage their day to day operations at work and personal/social life using digital capabilities, devices and channels, which then creates a domino impact on industry. ​

The past decade has seen a rapid increase in digital footprints such as wearables, virtual assistants, sensor devices, etc., which has significantly changed the way customers interact and their expectations for seamless digital services.  Organisations need to keep up with similar experience and service offerings to retain customer base and grow. Organisations also require new capabilities to maximise the opportunities the digital era has created and manage the challenges that comes with it.  ​

Right Data




Big Data opens doors for broader insights at much faster speed, contributing to greater Enterprise growth.  However implementing  data quality controls for unstructured data and real-time integration are evolving challenges.

Boundaryless Data Landscape


Cloud and 3rd party service offerings have empowered organisations to rapidly transform technology platforms and capabilities at a very cheaper cost. They have also added significant complexity to data ownership and accountability.

Changing dynamics on Insights


Analytics, AI and Robotics are taking organisations to a new horizon with deeper  insights, innovation and automation that were never seen in previous the same time companies are facing significant increase in risks of data security, privacy and ethics

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