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Get Ready for APRA Connect October Submission

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

** On 20 September 2023, APRA announced a 4-week extension to the reporting deadlines for September 2023 and December 2023 reporting periods.

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As we are all aware, the rollout of APRA Connect starts with the upcoming October submission. Based on the conversations we had with with the Industry in July, it was clear that various competing priorities had affected the readiness for this event. The webinar guided participants through a suggested set of tasks needed to fulfil their submission responsibilities. Our knowledgeable presenters drew from their extensive years of assisting businesses similar to yours through our APRA consulting services and established methods of operation. Drawing on our experiences from implementing APRA Connect in different sectors, RegCentric is in a prime position to offer expert guidance.

This session was exclusively extended as an invitation to General Insurer entities that provide financial data reporting to APRA.

Agenda of the Webinar on 25 August 2023

  • Brief recap of the journey to date and looking forward

  • Lessons learned from the roll out of APRA Connect in Superannuation and Banking

  • The key considerations today to ease the complexity of the new APRA Connect roll out

  • Audit considerations and FAR

  • Answer questions from the audience

The webinar will particularly interest stakeholders who are involved in:

  • Being accountable for data disclosure to APRA (or have the intention to do so under FAR)

  • Preparing or reviewing APRA submissions

  • Acting as a data owner or custodian of data used for APRA reporting

  • Contributing to the AASB 17 or LAGIC transition programs

Watch the recording here

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