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Implementing Super Data Transformation Phase 1. Webinar on demand.

View webinar On demand.

In this webinar we unpacked APRA's final reporting standards of Phase 1 of the Super Data Transformation.


•Unpack the Phase 1 Finalisation

•Transitional Reporting Requirements

•Reporting Considerations and Timelines

•Q&A with Industry Experts


APRA has finalised the Phase 1 Reporting Standards of the Superannuation Data Transformation (SDT) in March 2021. RegCentric hosted a Webinar to outline APRA’s latest announcements.

APRA is taking a phased approach to its SDT Program which aims to support improved member outcomes by increasing the breadth (Phase 1), depth (Phase 2) and quality (Phase 3) of its superannuation data collection. Following a two-year consultation, heavily disrupted by the global pandemic, APRA finalised the Phase 1 Reporting Standards in March 2021 which addresses immediate regulatory data gaps.

Superannuation entities have a short runaway to unpack the 10 new Reporting Standards with the first submissions due in September 2021. The imminent go-live of APRA Connect presents challenges along with opportunities for superannuation entities.

This Webinar aims to give clarity on what needs to be submitted when as well as detailing industry considerations through a live Q&A.

Watch the webinar On demand.



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