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RegCentric is an Australian consulting company, specialised in transformation in Finance, Risk Management and Regulatory Reporting in the financial services industry. The RegCentric team consists of highly experienced business and technology consultants who are passionate about assisting Australian financial services companies leverage technology to drive efficiencies, deliver insight and ensure regulatory compliance. We differentiate ourselves by combining deep domain expertise with technical know-how and a hands-on approach.

Data Management

RegCentric has expertise in supporting our clients defining their Data Strategy and implementing Data Management disciplines with a framework, that includes right leadership, Technology/tools and operational functions with processes, policies and standards, to achieve sustainable and scalable business outcomes.

Regulatory Reporting

RegCentric team combined has decades of experience in providing Regulatory Advisory and Implementation Services to many financial services based organisations in the ANZ region. RegCentric prides itself in having the right mix of both Business and Technology subject matter required for delivering cost effective compliance that not only fulfils regulatory obligations but also ensures they support strategic business outcomes. 

Risk Management

RegCentric brings in a new approach to Risk Management in the financial services industry that makes the most of the  emerging technology and redefined data management disciplines that are being utilised across many industries. RegCentric has the right blend of expertise across Risk, Data, Technology and Process Improvement to provide a more comprehensive set of skills and expertise to organisations that are looking to improve or transform their risk management functions.

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