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Risk  Management

A holistic approach leveraging latest technology & data management best practices

In the midst of increasing regulations, uncertain economic outlook and being faced with a once in a century global crisis, Risk Management in the Financial Services industry has never been more challenging. Existing systems, processes and operating models for risk management are being stretched to their limits. In addition, upcoming regulatory changes such as BASEL IV is putting further pressure on financial institutions to prepare for transition while dealing with the crisis that is still unfolding.


In a crisis like this, most organisations are going to be faced with significant challenges in keeping up with the changes driven by external forces beyond their control. Organisations must address these 4 major hurdles that are likely to get in the way of maintaining an effective & efficient risk management function in the post COVID-19 era:


Shortage of Subject Matter Expertise – understanding regulations and their overlaps

Legacy System.png

Legacy Systems that are inflexible to quickly and cost effectively implement changes

Batch Processing.png

Overnight Batch Processing based IT and Process Landscape leading to information delay & delayed decision making through the value chain

Risk Data Chaos.png

Limited focus on Risk Data Management (BCBS239) and Data Discipline leading to opacity and data chaos

Our Approach

RegCentric advocates for a new approach to Risk Management that involves,

Regulation Overlap.png

Taking a holistic approach to various regulations pertaining to risk – understanding overlaps and thereby ensuring synergies in how they are implemented

Streaming Tech.png

Leveraging NextGen streaming technology to implement real-time risk management

Process reengineering.png

Re-engineering Risk Management Processes and Operating Model to ensure it is Business Led as opposed to Regulation Led

Risk Data Management.png

Ensuring Risk Data Management (BCBS 239) is embedded into the Enterprise Data Governance framework

We provide solutions and services in Risk Management across various areas such as:


    • Capital Adequacy – APS 110

    • Risk Weighted Asset (SA/IRB) for Credit Risk – APS 112/113

    • Counterparty Credit Risk (CCR) – APS 180

    • Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book (IRRBB) – APS 117

    • Large Exposure – APS 221

    • Liquidity – APS 210

    • Securitisation – APS 120

    • Pillar 3 Disclosures - APS 330

  • International Financial Reporting Standards - IFRS 9 / AASB9

  • Risk Data Management - BCBS 239


Process and Tools Review


Subject Matter Expertise with Regulation


Documentation Uplift


Tools Evaluation & Vendor Selection


Project Services : Analysis / Project Management


Implement NextGen Streaming Technology for Realtime Risk Management

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How we can help

Combining deep domain expertise with technical know-how to deliver optimal solutions

Our team consists of experts in data management, regulation, and technology who can offer the right mix of skills and expertise to implement the above approach.

Our team has decades of experience implementing projects, providing subject matter expertise on regulations & data management, and driving strategic business transformation in risk management and regulatory reporting functions. We can support you in several ways in transitioning to a much more optimised risk management function. 

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