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APRA lodgement updates for the Insurance Industry

Register here to watch the webinar recording on demand.

Our team of professionals have been monitoring the impact of IFRS17 to insurance and in particular how insurers will need to report to APRA. We have also been monitoring other initiatives from APRA from other industries like Banking and Superannuation where multiyear change programs from APRA have sought to find more detail from these entities. Supporting entities to lodge the forms through D2A and datasets through APRA Connect, we are seeing how this transformation has impacted the insurance industry lodgement process as well.

In our webinar on 3th of March 2022, we covered

  • Summary of the lay of the land of current APRA submissions

  • How IFRS17 is set to impact submission to APRA (and how it is not detailed but can be inferred from various sources)

  • Regulatory Changes impacting source data, data compilation and submission details

  • APRA Connect (what industry has learned so far)

  • Observations of Timeline of actions and where organisations should be positioned at this point

A recording of the webinar is available on demand and will be of particular interest to stakeholders who:

  • Hold accountability over data disclosure to APRA (or intend to under FAR)

  • Prepare or support the preparation of regulatory disclosures (including submissions and dealing with APRA)

  • Provide data preparation services or administer data submissions on behalf of your clients (Internal data or IT teams who prepare and consolidate complex sets of data)

  • Are charged with the budgeting for process design and regulatory change programs (Executives or other managers of teams associated with this process)

Watch the recording here.

If you would like to learn more about how RegCentric can help your organisation deliver its Basel program, please contact us at



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