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Basel III - Ready, Set, Go!: Finalised APRA Capital Reporting Standards

Register here to watch the webinar recording on demand.

On the 7th of April APRA released the Revisions to the ADI capital framework letter: Interim reporting standards for consultation and parallel run expectations.

ADI entities will require some time to implement the changes whilst taking advantages of these new capital opportunities.

On 29 November 2021, APRA released the final capital adequacy and credit risk capital requirements for ADIs, contained in Prudential Standard APS 110 Capital Adequacy (APS 110), Prudential Standard APS 112 Capital Adequacy: Standardised Approach to Credit Risk (APS 112) and Prudential Standard APS 113 Capital Adequacy: Internal Ratings-based Approach to Credit Risk (APS 113). Now APRA has released for consultation, interim reporting standards that will accompany APS 110, APS 112, and APS 113.

The RegCentric team will discuss industry progress and delivery best practices, drawing on experience in the Finance Industry.

In our webinar on 29th of April 2022, we covered:

  • The Reporting Standards and Reporting approach

  • Parallel run expectations

  • APRA’s 5-year roadmap

  • Data quality management

  • Common data quality issues

A recording of the webinar is available on demand and will be of particular interest to stakeholders who are involved with:

  • Key decision-making on the Basel program (CFO, Reporting, Capital management, Business operations, Data governance, IT)

  • Program/Project management

  • Data and process governance, risk and controls

  • Regulatory capital management

  • APRA regulatory reporting

Watch the recording here.

If you would like to learn more about how RegCentric can help your organisation deliver its Basel program Contact Us.



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