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Get Ready for 2023. Implementing your Basel IV program (Webinar on demand)

View the webinar recording here.

In a letter released to the industry in June 2021, APRA confirmed their commitment to meeting the 1 January 2023 implementation date of the Basel III capital reforms, informally known as Basel IV.

APRA has outlined the roadmap and next steps leading to the 2023 implementation date, including timeline and details of report and policy milestones, consultation and workshops, IRB model approvals, and a 6-month parallel run set to begin on Sep 2022.

In this session we covered:

  • Details of APRA’s Basel IV timeline and an overview of the capital reforms

  • Key considerations when designing for a Basel IV program (including details on business case development, risk & dependencies, solution approach)

  • Impact on bank’s internal governance, risk, controls and change management

  • Synergies with other programs such as ARS 220 granular data reporting

  • Suggested project timeline and approach

View the recording of this session if you are involved in:

  • Key decision-making on the Basel program (Reporting, Capital management, Business operations, Data governance, IT)

  • Program/Project management

  • Data and process governance, risk and controls

  • Regulatory capital management

  • APRA regulatory reporting

View the webinar recording here.

Please contact if you would like to receive the presentation materials of this session.


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