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Delivering frictionless solutions to the financial services industry

Business and Technology Consultants

At RegCentric, we deliver innovative services and solutions to address the requirements in Finance, Risk and regulatory reporting. Whether you are addressing a single regulatory requirement, such as APRA reporting, or you are working towards an enterprise-wide digital transformation, our team of consultants are uniquely positioned to assist you to determine your optimal strategy and deliver on the execution. We understand your business. We understand the Australian regulatory landscape. We live and breathe technology. We deliver results.

Our consultants come from various backgrounds: from APRA, the financial services industry and international software vendors. What has brought us together is our passion to design and implement optimal solutions to improve business processes and deliver insights whilst ensuring regulatory compliance.

Our award-winning solutions leverage the latest advances in technology to deliver cost-effective and scalable enterprise solutions to automate manual processes, improve governance & controls and deliver enterprise insights through analytics.


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Frictionless connectivity to your regulator

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Regulatory reporting & enterprise analytics

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We are very impressed with RegCentric’s
approach to tackling such a major regulatory
change. Within a couple of months, we have
managed to obtain a full understanding of the
impacts due to BASEL IV and are now looking
ahead at implementing strategic business and
operational changes required to successfully
adopt the new standard.

- Chris Goodwin, CFO IMB Bank

IMB Bank prepares for Basel III/IV


IMB case study Basel III.JPG

Cost-efficient compliance

The demand for more and more accurate information by regulators is putting pressure on people, processes and (legacy) systems, driving up the cost of compliance. Leveraging Regulatory Technology ("RegTech") solutions can alleviate much of the burden at a lower cost. Our team has over a decade of experience implementing regulatory technology in Australia, Europe and Asia. Get in touch to learn how our team can help you address your regulatory obligations in the most cost-efficient way.

Drive efficiency through automation

Many organisations in the financial services sector still rely on manual or semi-manual processes in finance, risk and compliance. From gathering data residing in multiple systems, over calculations and data enrichment to reporting to the board and to regulators. Not only is this a costly and inefficient use of human capital, it exposes the organisation to unacceptable risks. Today's technology allows for the automation of mundane processes, freeing up the people to focus on investigation by exception and deeper analytics.

Gain insights into your data

Finance, Risk and Compliance departments hold a wealth of data. Yet most of the data remains untapped. Applying advanced analytics, machine learning and AI can provide invaluable insight into your data; providing the opportunity for Risk, Finance and Compliance department to truly add value to the business. Contact us to discover how your organisation can gain better insights through modern technology.


RegCentric has maintained its position in the global list of top 100 Regulatory Technology companies for the second consecutive year in 2022. The prestigious annual RegTech100 listing recognizes global innovators that address the challenges of dealing with regulatory pressures within financial services.

“Banks and other financial institutions need to be aware of the latest RegTech innovation in the market in order to avoid new compliance risks and stay competitive despite new regulations around customer onboarding and remote communication post Covid-19. The RegTech100 list helps senior management filter through all the vendors in the market by highlighting the leading companies in sectors such as identity verification, risk management, communications monitoring, information security and reporting.” 

RegTech Analyst

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