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Delivering frictionless solutions to the financial services industry

Business and Technology Consultants

At RegCentric, we deliver innovative services and solutions to address the requirements in Finance, Risk and regulatory reporting. Whether you are addressing a single regulatory requirement, such as APRA reporting, or you are working towards an enterprise-wide digital transformation, our team of consultants are uniquely positioned to assist you to determine your optimal strategy and deliver on the execution. We understand your business. We understand the Australian regulatory landscape. We live and breathe technology. We deliver results.

Our consultants come from various backgrounds: from APRA, the financial services industry and international software vendors. What has brought us together is our passion to design and implement optimal solutions to improve business processes and deliver insights whilst ensuring regulatory compliance.

Our award-winning solutions leverage the latest advances in technology to deliver cost-effective and scalable enterprise solutions to automate manual processes, improve governance & controls and deliver enterprise insights through analytics.


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Regulatory reporting & enterprise analytics

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